5 Reasons Leap Fitness Affiliates
Generate Obscene Amounts Of Money!

Dear affiliate,

Every vendor wants you to THINK they have the highest-converting, easiest-to-promote product in the world…

But the truth is, their affiliate programs are usually tacked on at the last minute, filled with “coming soon” promises that never materialize.

With Leap Fitness, however, the focus from day one has been to give our affiliates everything possible to ensure their success.

That’s why the Leap Fitness Affiliate Program features a multitude of features affiliates lust after, including…

#1: A Razor-Sharp Sales Funnel That Generates Jaw-Dropping EPCs (And Passive Monthly Income!)

Not only do you make at least 75% of each front-end sale of every Leap Fitness product (super affiliates, contact us for special extra-commission, high-volume deals), we also offer irresistible one-click upsells with huge conversion rates (on which you also receive up to 75%).

We haven’t even touched on our ever-expanding line of other products within the LeapFitness umbrella brand, each one of which we build into the sales funnel to provide you a constantly-rising EPC.

And to ensure your EPCs are always sky-high, we’ve got…

#2: Finely-Tuned Sales Copy From One Of The Best Direct-Response Writers Available

As an affiliate, there’s nothing worse than having your hard-won traffic crash and burn against an awful sales page. That’s why we spared no expense in hiring one of the best copywriters around, Daniel Scott.

If you don’t know Daniel, he was trained by Vin Montello, the man responsible for weight-loss juggernaut FatBurningFurnace.com (among others). Daniel has since risen to become one of the highest-converting copywriters around, and the sales page he’s put together for us is selling like crazy.

Daniel’s also put his skills to work creating multiple facets of our sales funnel, including upsell pages, follow-up emails, and affiliate swipes for you.

Best of all, he’s taken a vested interest in this project, and is constantly tweaking, re-writing, and testing various aspects of the sales funnel, pushing your EPCs up as high as possible.

We’ve also made it a priority to give you…

#3: An Industry-Leading Affiliate Area Jam-Packed With Insider Techniques, Precise Reporting Tools, And Powerful Pre-Selling Material

We’ve spent a lot of time trawling through other affiliate programs (both in the fitness niche and many others)… and we’re yet to see an affiliate area that comes close to rivaling ours.

Our affiliate center features…

  • Professionally-written and designed email promos, banners, brandable reports, articles, videos, and much more…
  • Laser-targeted reporting tools, allowing you to track every step of a customer’s buying process…
  • Brutally effective (yet little-known) techniques the best super-affiliates use to send their EPCs through the roof (some of these have NEVER been revealed before…)
  • Weekly emails informing you of updates to our sales funnel, the hottest trends and techniques working RIGHT NOW, and how to turn around your sales slumps (you can, of course, unsubscribe at any time)…

And a lot more – sign up as an affiliate and check it out yourself by Signing Up below (it’s free, and you can cancel at any time).

Of course, the highest EPCs in the world won’t help if you have to give it all back with refunds.

That’s why a huge focus of the Leap Fitness Affiliate Program is…

#4: High-Quality Products That Fulfill Its Promises, Ensuring A Low Refund Rate

Every claim made on Leap Fitness product pages are 100% accurate.

The product creators and advisers work with renowned coaches, nutritionists and fitness experts, and their methods generate amazing results (the before/after shots are all real and on-file).

Furthermore, the lightning-fast support we offer, as well as the unquestionable quality of our product and huge value we offer keeps refund rates amazingly low.

In short, you never have to worry about your reputation being trashed. Your list will love you for sending them to us, and you’ll generate a ton of positive word-of-mouth and future business.

There’s also…

#5: Monthly Prizes and Additional Commissions For Top Affiliates

Every month, valuable affiliates can earn extra commissions for volume sales, or even win hot prizes.

And don’t worry… it’s not always the same guys on the leaderboard every month. We know even the up-and-coming affiliates are valuable to our business, so we’ve put in plenty of incentive for the little guys, as well.

Plus, if your strength is recruiting affiliates rather than making sales, that’s no problem either. We’ll soon have a two-tier affiliate system in place where you can earn money on every sale your “recruits” make!

So What Are You Waiting For?

Remember, signing up to our affiliate program is fast, easy, and 100% free. So why not start promoting Leap Fitness products today, and see just how easy and profitable it is for you?


Looking forward to working with you,

-The Leap Fitness Affiliate Team