Article Marketing

Perhaps one of the best and cheapest (it’s free) ways to start making sales is through the use of article writing.

Relevant content is what the internet is really about.

If you offer good quality original content on your site, blog or on article directories, then visitors will be eager to come back to your site via your Affiliate Link included in the article.

The Importance of Article Marketing

Once you’ve written your article you’ll need to publish on to one or two of the many article directories there are available.

I recommend that you submit your article to any of the following directories: –

For an excellent free guide to Article Marketing, check out Article Marketing Uncovered.

Article writing can be a fantastic way of generating a steady stream of targeted traffic through your Affiliate Link.

Article Spinning

Article Spinning is something that you do to an article to create multiple versions that are seen as unique in the search engines. The goal is to take a base article, spin it, and create many versions that say the same thing but look unique in the search engines.

You can then use each of these many versions as entirely ‘new’ article with which you can promote. Essentially you turn one article into hundreds. Hundreds of articles means hundreds of potential routes for customers to buy through your Affiliate Links.

Simple Spinning Example

Consider the following text:

Blackie is a {red|blue|yellow} stuffed {dog|cat|bear}.

I the above example, curly braces surround text that can be chosen at random. For example, {red|blue|yellow} means that when you read the sentence, you can choose to substitute one of the three colors listed in the sentence. When a sentence is spun (like the one above), a software spinner can therefore create a unique version of the sentence. In the above example, 9 unique combination are possible by selecting a word a random from each {set}.

Blackie is a red stuffed dog.
Blackie is a red stuffed cat.
Blackie is a red stuffed bear.
Blackie is a blue stuffed dog.
Blackie is a blue stuffed cat.
Blackie is a blue stuffed bear.
Blackie is a yellow stuffed dog.
Blackie is a yellow stuffed cat.
Blackie is a yellow stuffed bear.

If you do an entire article with sentences spun in this way, then you can create articles that look completely unique in the eyes of the search engines and article directories.

You can go completely crazy with spinning. All that is required is good article marketing software that supports complicated constructions. The only piece of software I would recommend is The Best Spinner. Quite simply this is the market leader in spinning software. Check it out here.

Writing a Review Article

Another good approach is to write a review or personal success story about a product. You’ll obviously have to read it or better still use it yourself first, but if done properly this technique is very powerful indeed.

When you do write your review, make sure that you explain the advantages of using such a program. If you can think of any minor flaws, don’t be afraid to add these comments too, because this often helps to build trust.

Trying to write in a clear, concise and credible way is the best approach, but don’t forget to mention all of the bonuses that any customers will receive with the program.

I go into more detail about the various styles of Review Articles here and here.

Don’t be too salesy or pushy when writing your review, just be honest and truthful. I wouldn’t personally recommend that you promoted something that you wouldn’t pay to use yourself.

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