How to Launch a Blog?

WordPress is the my preferred platform for bloggers with no programming knowledge because of its simplicity, ease of use, and versatility.   There are a ton of other excellent blogging platforms that you may prefer – so whatever works best for you!

Here’s a great video introducing you to WordPress.


Choose Your Blog Name

Think carefully about your Blog name and URL (domain name). Here are a few things to think about:

  • Is the name easy to remember?
  • Is it easy to say and spell?
  • Will the name still be relevant as the blog grows?
  • Are the main keywords in the name?
  • Is the domain name available for sale?
Setting up Your Blog

Setting up a WordPress blog is easy but to make it even simpler, you can watch this video on how to set up your WordPress blog.

Tips for a Successful Blog

The goal of your blog is to attract a ton of traffic either through referrals or directly from search engines like Google.

Here are my top tips for creating a blog that will produce a ton of traffic:

  • Be yourself.

Let your personality shine through.  People like people that are funny, genuine and share a little about their lives.  Do that and you’ll never be short of traffic.

  • Add value.

Make sure you are posting quality content that people will come back for time and again.  A great place to start are some of the articles I’ve had written for you.  Why not grab one of those and add it to your blog (with a little tweaking to personalize it) right now?

  • Update it regularly.

I’ve given you a ton of great content here that you can use.  So make sure you keep your blog updated.  Google loves fresh content and will keep sending you visitors so long as there is something new!

  • Add great images.

Why not double up on the power of Blogging and Pinterest at once?   Add at least one high quality image to each post you make on your blog and “Pin” it to your Pinterest account.  Then sit back and watch the viral traffic take over.

What to Write About

That’s simple.  Write about things people want to read about.  For example:

  • Your success story.

Have you used one of my products and seen amazing results?  If so, write about it and add some awesome photos.

  • Great actionable fitness tips.

Learn a great new healthy recipe?  Well then write about it (and add an awesome photo of the food).  Crushed a new workout?  Again let the world know.

If you see something funny on the internet then why not share it with other people?  Now you’re becoming a go-to source for entertainment!

How to Make Money with Blogging

The best way of making money with your blog is writing a genuine, honest review of one of my products then link to the sales page using your Affiliate Link.  Your review article will pre-sell the reader so that when they arrive at my sales page they will be in a ‘buying mood’.  Remember, if they buy through your Affiliate Link, you get a juicy commission.

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