Email Marketing

Email courses are one of the most effective ways of increasing your profits and staying in contact with your visitors. People these days have very short attention spans and if they click away from your website, the chances are they’ll never return.

That’s why capturing a website visitor’s email address is so fantastic. You now have permission to send them emails. You now have the power to visit them, rather than the other way round!

I’ve Done the Hard Work for You
I’m so confident that Email courses turn readers into buyers that I’ve paid a professional copywriter to create a series of email courses that you can use to promote my products to your own email list.

Lucky Number 7

Typically it can take up to 7 contacts with a person before they buy. Good luck persuading someone to visit your website 7 times. Luckily with an email autoresponder service you can automate the follow up process.

How Email Courses Work

First you get subscribers for your list. So you need to give your website visitors something valuable for free as an incentive (or “bribe”) for opting in to your email list. The two best choices are a free downloadable PDF report, or a free email mini-course.

You’ll need an email capture form somewhere on your website. You can grab this form from any high quality email autoresponder service.

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