Facebook allows you to buy image and text-based ads that can be targeted to a specific demographic base.

Facebook Ads are charged on a CPC basis which simply means ‘cost per click or by CPM ‘cost per 1,000 impressions’.

The great thing is that you don’t need to worry about overspending because you can set up a daily budget so you can keep track. In addition, Facebook will give you an idea of a suggested bid range that shows what other advertisers with similar campaigns are paying. Ideally you should bid somewhere mid-range for decent results.

When setting up your campaigns you should keep these points in mind to maximise click through rates (how often people click on your ad).

Relevant Image – keep your image bright and eye-catching. Your image can’t exceed 110w x 80h (pixels). You can easily source free images from Google and then resize.

Text – the title of your ad can only contain 25 characters and the body text 135 so you’ll need to keep you ads short and succinct.

Ad Title – your header should make people want to click on your ad so try to raise curiosity.

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