Forum Marketing

An absolutely fantastic and viral way to easily generate leads and sales is by using signatures.

Signatures are simply the closing salutation and your closing comments to anything you write. Usually your name and a link to a website or blog etc.

Introduction to Forum Marketing

Signatures can be used at the end of posts or comments in forums, blogs or simply at the end of the emails that you send. Often the forum software will automatically add your signature to the bottom of every post you make. The more active you are on the forum, the more “signature ads” you leave. It’s a great way to make money from your participation in a forum.

Forum Marketing Guidelines

If you decide to use this approach when answering questions or simply chatting in forums, you do need to be careful. Forums are not meant to be a place where companies can advertise, instead they are for adding information and advice to other readers.

I would advise that you begin posting comments for a couple of weeks before adding your signature to your posts and make sure that your comments are actually helping and adding value to readers.

You can use your signature to promote the program by adding your signature or an image of yourself or the product. You could also use an image of the book covers which you’ll find in the links on the left.

Don’t try to hard sell the program in forums or blog postings, rather use your own experience or a review style approach. Whatever you do, this isn’t the time to use adverts or anything remotely resembling an advert.

Find some related forums by doing a Google search for the target keywords and the words ‘forum’, ‘forums’ or ‘discussion’ etc… you get the idea. Look for the ones that have the most members and the most comments being made (a bigger target audience).

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