Review Articles

Review articles are one of the most effective ways of sending visitors to the sales page in a ‘warmed up’ state.  They are the ideal way of persuading interested visitors that the product you are recommending is just right for them.

This means when they arrive at the Sales Page they will be much more likely to make a purchase …… and earn you a commission!

How To Write a Great Review

Make sure your review articles include the following:

  • Tell the reader immediately what it is you’re reviewing.  Don’t leave them guessing.
  • Tell the reader why you chose to write the review.  Is it because you loved the product, you had great success with it or something else.  Be specific.  If you lost 15 pounds of fat, then tell the reader that.
  • Tell the reader a little about yourself and your story.  This helps the reader relate to you and it establishes trust.
  • Don’t just write a one-sided review.  If you thought there were a couple of things that could be improved with the product, then say so.  A truthful balanced review will outperform an obviously biased review every time.
  • Describe to the reader who the product is aimed at.  If it is a women’s weight loss product then tell the reader that and explain why the product is good for that person.
  • Wrap things up with a quick summary and your overall opinion.
  • Tell the reader what you want them to do once they finish reading.  Instruct them to act (this is known as a “Call to Action”).  For example, you may tell the reader to “click here to find out more today and get 40% off’.
Add your Personal Touch

I mentioned it above, but it’s so important it’s worth repeating.  Make sure your review article includes something personal to you.  Add a short success story or a problem that you were facing that the product solved.  There’s nothing worse than a dull, factual story like a 10 o’clock news anchor would deliver.  Spice it up and add some personality!

Stay FTC Compliant

Remember, you should only write a review of the product if you yourself have used the program. If you need a review copy of any of my products, please contact me via the Help Desk.

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