Video Marketing

Videos have rapidly grown to be the most visited content material on the internet. If you are not making and distributing videos, you are passing up on a significant website traffic resource. Not convinced? Here are some statistics that may shock you:

  • The New York Times has reported that nearly 3/4 of all people connecting to the Internet view videos on the web.
  • The standard YouTube site visitor almost half an hour of videos every day.
  • YouTube alone offers around 250 million movie clips on a daily basis.

Think about this for a minute. It’s highly possible that visitors will spend 30 minutes watching videos at a time. Do you really think it likely that the same visitor would spend half an hour reading your content? No way. Video is just the best in terms of visitor involvement and ‘stickiness’.

And, simply awesome in terms of sending traffic from these Video sites through your Affiliate Link.

The Understated Advantages of Video

The goal is to get visitors to your site and keep them there for as long as possible. The longer you keep a visitor on your site, the better chance of you developing a relationship with them, and the more likely they are going to consider you as an expert. The end result is that they are far more likely to become a customer of yours.

Nothing can beat the strength of a great active video which can help you communicate your content, get your viewer interested with your what you offer, and then leave a long lasting good impression.

Videos provide the chance to genuinely talk with your target market in a manner that only a few other marketing and advertising techniques can, and fortunately, even though you may not have produced or developed a video in the past, it is extremely very easy to do.

The easiest way is to just turn any existing content you may have into a video and start from there. What kind of content? How about your existing articles and website content.

Why Video Works for Traffic


Article marketing and other free traffic generation methods are highly competitive and over optimized. The secret is out and all marketers, no matter how much of a beginner, realize that you can attract visitors by producing lots of written content and pointing back content to your website. In contrast, video marketing is a relatively new concept and still under optimized and is a lot less aggressive than standard article promotion.

Many people either don’t understand the power of video marketing or have not yet taken the time to learn the skills required. They are still stuck in the way of web 1.0 thinking. Many think they cannot produce video clips, while others believe it is simply not worthy of the hard work.

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