Basics (8)

What is an Affiliate?

To be technical for a moment, an affiliate; is a person which sends visitors to a vendor’s website in exchange for commissions on any sales made.

Affiliates send visitors to my sales pages through their “Affiliate Link” and if a sale is made during that visit or within a certain period of that initial visit, the affiliate receives a commission for their referral.

And that really is how easy it is to make money promoting Leap Fitness products.

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Where is my Affiliate Link?

Your unique Affiliate Link was can be found in two places:

1.  on the Affiliate Links page; and

2. at the top of the Product Page for the Product you want to promote.

**So for example – the Hot Hollywood Body links are on this page.


Who Can Become An Affiliate?

Anyone that has a Clickbank account can become an affiliate!

Sign.up via the short form on this page.  Also, make sure you read the terms and conditions of the Leap Fitness Affiliate Program.

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How Do I Start?

It’s really easy to promote Leap Fitness products.

Step 1 – Sign up at Clickbank

If you haven’t already, sign up for Clickbank here.  Make sure you read the terms and conditions of the Leap Fitness Affiliate Program.

Step 2 – Grab your Affiliate Link

Now all you need to do is grab the Affiliate Link for the Product you want to promote.

You can grab the Product Affiliate Link at the top of the Product Page for the Product you want to promote.

Grab your Affiliate Link and head to Step 3.

Step 3 – Personalize Your Affiliate Link

Now you need to personalize the Product’s Affiliate Link with your Clickbank ID code so we can track your sales.

So you take the the generic Product Affiliate Link of:


and replace “CLICKBANKID” with whatever your personal Clickbank ID code is.

Step 4 – Start Promoting

Now you’ve got your personalized Affiliate Link.  Time to make some money.   Start by sending traffic and visitors through your Affiliate Link to one of my Sales Pages.

I’ve put together a Getting Started Guide that walks you through how to get your first sale.  Go HERE right now to get started on your first sale.

How Much do your Top Affiliates Make?

It depends on the source of traffic primarily.

Some of my biggest affiliates are site owners who promote my stuff with emails, the warmest source of traffic, which converts higher since they have a relationship and their readers trust them.   Some of them have really large email lists and can send great traffic that converts into sales.  Big list plus conversions = big commissions.

It all depends on the VOLUME and QUALITY of traffic.

If you can improve both, you can make some great commissions.

What if someone Refunds the Product?

If someone requests a refund after their purchase I will honor that refund request and return the purchase money to the visitor.  This means that I have to refund them your commission as well.

But don’t worry – this RARELY happens.  My customers LOVE my products!

What If I Still Can’t Find My Answer?

Easy. Just contact my help desk! Remember, I only profit if YOU profit so I am hear to help you.

Promotion (4)

Can I Use your Sales Copy?

Technically you can, but I wouldn’t recommend it.  Here’s why.

My Sales Pages have been written by the best Copywriters in the business.  Every word and every graphic has been chosen for a reason and I’m constantly testing and tweaking everything to further improve sales conversions.

My Sales Pages have one job, and one job only.  That’s to turn a visitor into a customer (so you get paid a commission).

So it’s best that you let my Sales Pages do their job and instead you focus on sending visitors to those Sales Pages.

Your aim as a Super Affiliate should be to create pages that encourage visitors to click through your Affiliate Links to my Sales Pages already ‘warmed up’.

You can Warm Up a visitor by providing them with any of the following:

1. Provides tips and tricks consistent with the solution my Product provides.

2. Gets the visitor curious.

3. Builds trust with the visitor and makes them like you

4. Establishes you as a credible source of information.

5. ****THIS IS KEY**** – Provides a clear “Call to Action” instructing the visitor to click on your Affiliate Link to visit my Sales Page.


Can I Use Your Images?

Sure.  You can use any of the images that I’ve had created for you here at LeapAffiliates.com.

Need something in particular?  Just contact my affiliate support team and let us know what you need.

Do I Need to Rewrite Your Articles?

You’re allowed to post my articles anywhere on the Internet.

However, remember that unique articles will always rank better for SEO and deliver your website more traffic.

I always recommend writing new content and redirecting it back to my site. Position yourself as the expert and once you have a relationship with your readers your affiliate recommendations will convert more profitably.

Do I Still Earn Commission If They Opt Into Your Newsletter Course?

As long as your Affiliate Link was the LAST Affiliate Link that a visitor clicked on before they made a purchase, you’ll get the sales commission.

What I’m really saying is that I don’t put any Affiliate Links in my Newsletters or Emails that could override your earlier Affiliate Links.  So I’m not stealing your commissions.

I hate to say it, but there are some less honorable marketers out there that will try and override your earlier Affiliate Link by adding their own Affiliate Links later in the buying process.  I think that stinks.  I don’t do that.

So, send a visitor to my site with your Affiliate Link.  Even if they sign up for my Email course, you’ll still get the commission.

Problems (1)

Why Haven’t I Made any Sales?

There are a few things I can think of…

1. You have not sent enough traffic yet. Different traffic converts differently. For example, an authority site with lots of free content and then a review of my program will get 1 sale ever 100-200 sales. Cold traffic i.e. ppc with direct linking might convert 1 sale every 500-1000 clicks.

2. Are you direct linking or sending to a landing page? Landing pages always convert higher.

Hope that all helps. Be patient.

Look out for my Affiliate Training emails for more tips on how to send more traffic and improve your conversion rates.