You can read my guide to how best promote using Email Marketing here.

These are sample emails which you have my permission to use for your promotions of my website and product. Note that these are ONLY templates and examples. The best email promotions are hand written yourself because personal endorsements always work best!

Don’t forget to customize the fields in [[brackets]] and definitely do not forget to replace the links with your affiliate ID so you receive commission. Also, I can’t recommend strongly enough to cloak your links! Using visible hoplinks scream ‘commission’ and will turn off many potential buyers.

Again, feel free to cut and paste the email’s below, cut and paste excerpts, add your personalization, use your own testimonials and make the email work for you.

***If you plan on doing a solo or sequential email promotion then please contact me before doing so. If you have a complimentary product to mine then we might be able to work together for a Joint Venture (JV) that will increase your conversions even more. ***

My Product Emails

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